Why You Need A Doormat

When you look at the bottom of your shoes before entering your house, they may not appear to be all that dirty. If you've been walking on cement sidewalks and asphalt, then there shouldn't be many visual particles on your shoes. Looks, however, can be deceiving. In fact, a recent study found the age-old "five second rule" (the one that suggests it's okay to eat food that's fallen on the floor so long as you pick it up within five seconds and your floor looks clean) is false. An item that hits a floor for even a fraction of a second is usually contaminated with something, so whether it looks like it or not, if you eat something that has been on the floor, no matter how briefly, you are ingesting some unwanted germs and bacteria. In the same right, even if your shoes look clean because you have been walking on concrete or pavement, there is undoubtedly some bacteria on them that you would probably rather not have in your home.

Research done at the University of Arizona found that, if a person wearing shoes carrying a bacteria walked onto clean floors, that bacteria would contaminate said floors at least 90 percent of the time. So even if you only walk through your home with dirty shoes ten times a month, nine of those times, you will effectively transfer some bacteria to your floors. Placing a doormat at your entryway and requiring people to thoroughly wipe their shoes off before coming in could limit some of the bacteria that enters your home.

The germs you bring in on your feet don't only stay on the floor. They usually contain tiny particles capable of traveling upwards, contaminating the air you breathe. Depending on the material of your doormat, it could trap those particles and prevent them from rising and contaminating the air quality in your home. After considering these factors, one can see how having a doormat isn't just a style choice, but also a health-related one.

The 122th Canton Fair - Hall C 14.4 D35

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This is a great Doormats Buying Guide from homedepot

Help keep dirt and rainwater off your clean floors with a new doormat in your entryway

credit to homedepot

credit to homedepot


Doormats, or a welcome mat, can help keep your floors clean as they help remove dirt and debris from shoes before it enters your home. They also absorb wetness to help minimize chances of slips and falls on wet days. 

This buying guide highlights the different types of doormat materials available, care and placement considerations.


Doormat Materials

Choose a doormat with certain features in mind, like surface, the frequency of use and how it will fit into your space.

Material: Aluminum

  • Protective powder coatings shield against the elements
  • May have a wide pattern for drainage
  • Highly durable
  • Offers a rustic look that’s ideal for doorways near gardens
  • Available in black, silver, copper, bronze and pewter finishes

Material: Cedar or Mahogany

  • Stylish appearance
  • Durable
  • Wipe or hose down to clean

Material: Coco Brush

  • Available in a wide range of styles and colours
  • Natural
  • Cleans shoes thoroughly
  • Shake or vacuum to clean
  • Dries quickly
  • Resists mildew

Material: Dragon Grass

  • Natural color
  • Decorative pattern
  • Wide weave for drainage
  • Shake or vacuum to clean

Material: Golden Grass

  • Tight Weave
  • Low profile
  • Shake or vacuum to clean
  • Ideal for patios and porches

Material: PolyCoir

  • Dense coco on vinyl back
  • Low profile
  • Attractive and durable
  • Shake or vacuum to clean

Material: Rubber Fatigue

  • Wide pattern for drainage
  • Black colour allows for versatile placement
  • Highly durable
  • Reduces fatigue from standing
  • Shake or hose down to clean



Doormats may be needed at more than one entrance to your home, including the doorway leading in from your garage.

  • Make sure there is enough clearance for the door so it can open and close freely over the mat.
  • Some mats weather better than others so plans to replace them periodically.
  • Darker colours tend to hold their appearance longer than light-coloured mats.
  • Doormats should be at least 80 percent as wide as the doorway.
  • When placed in sunny areas, doormats will fade quicker than those in shady areas.


A little TLC will extend the life of your doormat and ensure better performance.

  • Shake out mats periodically to help remove dirt, dust and dried mud.
  • Dishwashing liquid soap or upholstery shampoo can help remove stains.
  • Make sure mats are completely dry before placing back in the doorway.
  • Vacuuming will help control grime stuck deep within mat fibres.


Nonslip backing: When people are moving their feet to scuff the mud and grime off their shoes, a non-slip rubber backing will help keep the mat in place. 

Boot scraper: A couple well-placed boot scrapers on either side of your doormat will help minimize the amount of mud tracked into your home. 

Decorative shoe basket: An easy way to prevent mud and dirt from entering your home is with a shoe basket where guests can temporarily store their shoes.

Catalogues 2017 S/S Special edition | DOMOTEX, Hanover 2017

Each year we publish two seasonal catalogues with our new series. 

But this early 2017.

We are preparing a Special edition for our customer who attend our exhibition at DOMOTEX, Hannover 2017. Now, you are able to see the digital version of this catalogues just down below.

Booth Hall 6, B56/4

14-17 Jan, 2017

P.S. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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119th Canton Fair - THANK YOU FOR YOUR VISIT!

The 119th Canton Fair 2016 was a major success,

Seeing the official launch of 3 innovative new floor mat ranges and a unique collection of artificial grasses.

The feedback from our customers was that we are starting 2016 with a very positive outlook and many customers commented on the excellent quality, colours and value for money.

Our brand new ranges will be launched into the UK & Ireland between February and May 2016 and look to give Mosaic Flooring a step ahead of our competition.

Thank you to all the customers who visited and supported us at the the 119th Canton Fair 2016 exhibition…we look forward to seeing you there in October, 2016 for 120th Canton Fair 2016!